Systems Engineering services for system architecture development, requirements management and  CMMI / ISO 9001 audit support

Engineering services to support Acquisition Logistics FMECA and DFR campaigns

Engineering services to support Trade off, retrofit / replacement and reverse engineering for sustainment

Logistics Management services for Product Support planning, integration, implementation and oversight

Engineering Services

NAICS Code 541330

A certified professional services provider

Database configuration and population services for enterprise design and data management tools


Database architecting services for data entry, process metrics and report artifact generation


Legacy data import and migration services

Logistics Consulting Services

NAICS Code 541614

Documentation and Drafting Services

NAICS Code 541340

Data Management Services

NAICS Code 541512

Technical Writing services for editing and updating conventional and interactive (IETM) operational and maintenance technical publication content

Drafting services for design documentation, geometry layout and technical data packages

Engineering specification revision and change management workflow expediting services